VIAVI-FI-60 optical traffic detection clamp with photometer

The FI-60 Optical Traffic Detection Clamp allows users to easily detect an optical signal without disconnecting optical fiber or disrupting network traffic. VIAVI Solutions® unique SafeChek™ system, which is compatible with most fiber optic types, eliminates the need to change otherwise expensive adapters.

The FI-60 clamp can also be transformed into an optical photometer (OPM), thus offering a significant return on investment and reducing the number of tools to carry for each intervention.


Technical description

  • Memorization : 100 results
  • Autonomny : +70h
  • Weight : 0,45kg


  • Sensitivity : -20dBm à 1310nm / -30dBm à 1550nm
  • Nominal insertion loss : 1310nm < 0,2dB / 1550nm < 2dB
  • Optical power measurement : -65 à +10dBm
  • Wavelengths detected : 850 à 1700nm
  • Single-mode fiber compatible : G.652 - G.657