OMK-36V2 Singlemode/Multimode VIAVI Photometry Kit

VIAVI SmartPocket V2 Optical Test Kits (OMK-3xV2) are rugged next-generation test tools. Offered in pocket format, they are designed for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.
All kits are equipped with a photometer and an optical source up to four wavelengths. The kits are dedicated to power level and insertion loss measurements as well as continuity checks.


Technical description

  • Autonomy : 70h (OLP) - 50h (OLS)
  • Weight : 1,9kg
  • Storage : 1000 résultats
  • Screen : Backlit LCD


  • Optical source wavelengths : 850-1300-1310-1550
  • Output power : -22dBm (MM) -3dBm (SM)
  • Power range : -65 à +10dBm
  • Calibrated photometer : 850-980-1310-1490-1550-1650nm


  • Measurement of optical power levels and link attenuation for singlemode and multimode networks
  • Network construction and maintenance
  • Measure standard or high power levels